MC9: CAN data logging and FTP upload

CAN messages are written into a file together with a timestamp. In adjustable time periods, the logged data are uploaded to FTP server. Messages and timestamp are formatted in a CSV file - thus readable with any text editor or Excel. When FTP upload successfull, the local data are deleted.

This script is designed for CAN bus logger with WiFi, LAN or GPRS data interface.

  • CAN messages are stored with a time stamp (date / time + millisecond)
  • Data is stored, comma separated in plain text (ASCII)
  • FTP Upload in adjustable time periods

Application Script ('App')

MC9 Script (5,6 KiB)

Configuration file

Config File (260,0 Byte)

User Manual

User documentation to get the products up and running, find information on predefined application ("Scripts"), interface layout.

 Avisaro Serie 2 User Manual (DE).pdf

Further documentation

More documentation can be found <here> 
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